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Question asked on Facebook:  How many total acres can be hunted?  How many hunters each year?
Reply from Brian Gore:  2014 hunter at Butler Farms
I have no idea of how many hunters Butler’s have per year.  However, what I can tell you is the hunters they have must be true hunters and true outdoors men.  I can say this because I have hunted several of their farms and have never, ever, seen any trash left from previous hunters, flagging left on any tree-from marking stand locations or any deer dead that were shot and not retrieved or where ground shrinkage changed someone’s mind or ownership. This says a lot to me.  I have hunted other farms in the past where all the above was observed/noted.
Please know that I am not promoted, paid, or affiliated by or for Butler Farms.  I am a paying hunter from Louisiana looking for a giant that I can hunt, kill and proudly hang on my wall with satisfaction that I outsmarted him.

Question asked on Facebook:  What is the success rate at your facility?
Reply from Brian Gore: 2014 hunter at Butler Farms
The success rate for a free range, wild deer, and bow hunt is a hard question to answer.  The answer to that question really depends on the hunter with these kinds of hunts.  What is your success rate at killing a wild mature whitetail for your area in a five day hunt?  If that number is really high, then it will be high at Butler Farms.  I have hunted there at Butlers Farms for I think, 3 years now and they have the giants that Illinois is known for.  I know I can hunt a whole season here in Louisiana and not see the number of big bucks I see in the 5 days I’m there.
Because of the number of bucks I have seen has me with tag soup the last three years, as far as horns go, because I know and have personally seen the quality of bucks which has me holding out for the giant I have seen and want.  With only one buck tag and five days to hunt the ‘success rate” is in the eye of the beholder.  If one is to base his/her hunt location on the success rate of the outfitter, I would suggest a high fence or someplace that costs a lot money with thousands of acres and a guide.  The cost and price at Butler Farms are reasonable, the lodge is top notch and the hospitality is outstanding, The really cool thing  is-you have to scout, learn, find your own tree, hang your own stands, and outsmart the buck yourself.  To me that is what makes a hunt, a hunt.  You should try Butler Farms.

Deer Hunting

Pike County Illinois ​Whitetail Deer & Turkey Hunting

Welcome to Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures, where hunting is more than just a sport!

Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures white tail hunting is located in Pike County, Illinois along the Illinois River. We are approximately 55 miles West of Springfield, Illinois and 100 miles North of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Since 1996, we have been a Whitetail Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting outfitter in beautiful Pike County, Illinois. West Central Illinois is world-renowned for its quality deer hunting, amazing countryside, and exciting bow hunting. We are among the best for Spring Turkey Hunting in Illinois.

We offer a total of 900 acres of land available to hunt which is separated into five-separate tracts. Whether you are deer hunting or turkey hunting, you will have the freedom to choose and hunt on your own tract of land without the presence of other hunters.

You will enjoy Illinois deer hunting and turkey hunting adventures in woodland, cropland and pastures with creeks, springs, and ponds.

In our DIY hunting environment, hunters furnish, and place their own stands at a location of their choice. Maps will be provided to indicate boundaries. Hunters will find the freedom to hunt and the privacy they are looking for in the great outdoors.

Christian outfitter since 1996, we offer the service you’re looking for in a spectacular Christian surrounding. Enjoy Christian fellowship, fun with your friends, and sharing your hunting experience with others in God’s beautiful country-side in Pike County, IL.

Choose Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures for your next Pike County, Illinois whitetail deer hunting or turkey hunting adventure! For more information click or call (217) 723-4451.

Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures 

                                           -Family owned for over fifty years and outfitting since 1996-

Deer Hunting

Pike County Illinois is known as the best Whitetail Deer Hunting location in the country! Lodging and meals available with most hunts.
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Turkey Hunting

Low pressure Spring Turkey Hunting produces over 90% success rates. Lodging and meals available with most hunts.
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4 Season Lodging

​​Lodging features three private bedrooms each having private bathrooms with shower & a fourth bedroom has a semi-private bathroom. ​
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Butler Outdoor Adventures White Tail Hunting

Family Owned Over 50 years and Outfitting Since 1996.